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During a scheduled appointment we will visit the home and recommend changes that will prepare your home so it is ready to sell. We will view the entire property and discuss condition, color choices, traffic flow, furniture placement and the presence of clutter. This is a verbal consultation that makes it possible for you to begin staging immediately. We suggest you take notes so you will have a checklist of items to complete. The option can be selected as a consultation only or as the 1st step in staging by Seaside Home Staging. This consultation can take several hours. The cost is based on the size of the home. This is a perfect option for those homeowners who are willing and able to complete the checklist themselves.

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Occupied Home


​Your home will be staged with the items you already have. This option is for those who have an abundance of furniture and decorative accessories that can be used to present the home at its best. The home stager will actually do all the work involved with staging your property. The house will be Open house ready when we have completed the work. We will prepare a free estimate so you will know the total cost before we begin staging.

Home Staging w/ Accessory Purchase


Your home will be staged with your own furniture and decorative accessories will be purchased from us. This is an ideal option for those who already have appropriate furniture but would benefit from having updated fresh accessories such as linens, wall art, lighting, etc. We will prepare a free estimate for cost of the work and all items needed. The home will be market ready when completed and can be sold "as is."

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 Vacant Home Staging


This option is for vacant or model homes, and occupied homes that do not have the amount of furniture necessary to showcase the house.

Furniture and accessories can be purchased from us. We provide a free written estimate for all services associated with this option.

We also offer rental options to vacant homes.

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